Corporate Brand Video

Corporate Brand Video

Everyone loves a story. In our experience, video is the best way to tell one.

A well-crafted corporate brand video can raise awareness of your company, engage and delight audiences, and even inspire action.

At Studio Spero, every video is made to deliver on your business objectives. We help you rise about the noise and stand out from the competition while delivering a video that’s unique, high quality and emotionally impactful.

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Our Process

Our process is simple and stress-free:

1) Understanding Your Needs

We ask the right questions, and really listen to your answers. Our commitment to you is to learn everything about your company brand, your video platform’s needs and purpose and, ultimately, your desired outcome.

2) Creative Strategy

We create a storyboard and shot list to ensure an effective and successful shoot. We will collaborate with you every step of the way to plan a video that has an effective, insightful and powerful message.

3) Shoot Day

We set up the cameras, lights and action! We direct, follow the designated plan and improvise speedily as necessary. In fact, you will have your own separate monitor to be a part of the action, to observe and to give your feedback as the action unfolds. We listen to you and your needs all the way and incorporate them on the spot!

4) Extensive Editing

A video can take on new life during the editing process. Color grading, music, sound effects, and graphics will determine the feel and quality of the video. Everything that is added to the video in post-production is to enhance the story and to affect the viewer on an emotional level.

The final result is a powerful video designed to create connections and inspire.

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